Friday, January 1, 2016

The Castle

Took a nice little shot of the Castle when the park was very quiet no one around. It's almost a spooky look, normally the castle is bursting in sun light, but remember a lot of spooky things goes on in European Castles beware. Well we are starting to get ready for our next trip to Disney, it was due in September but got postponed for a few months until the end of January. Santa brought me a nice new wide angle lens for my newest camera so I'm looking forward to getting some great shots for you folks to put here on the blog. I'm probably not going to write a trip report this time as I want to concentrate on the photography but if you guys want to read our old reports from Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disney Resort Paris there are links to the Kindle books to the right of this lovely photograph. Cheers Larry.