Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Less than two weeks to the trip to WDW.

I've learnt not to count my chickens about Disney trips. We had to cancel a trip at short notice last year and postpone it for a couple of months. Hopefully we are good to go a week on Saturday. We are flying there via Las Vegas, where we are scheduled to be about twenty minutes. Las Vegas is of course in totally the wrong direction for Orlando but hey. I like flying so no problem. I'm going to take a quarter for a slot machine, maybe I will win the $1 million jackpot at the Airport. Which unlike any other airport is full of slot machines. Well it is Vegas after all. Then we fly onto Orlando and WDW. The thing I like about WDW is it's capacity to make you forget the real world. So for nine days, I'm going to forget my job, my problems and the fact I lost 25c on a wild gambling spree in Vegas. I might buy a Mickey Chocolate Apple. This is how they make them by the way.